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To decrease the spread of germs, one door at a time!

The SanitaryPull is a hands-free sanitary door opener you use with your foot! It was developed to satisfy the need of opening doors and allowing your hands to remain germ-free throughout the process. Our patent-pending design was shaped to offer the optimal leverage and grip for doors of all sizes.

Join us in the mission to reduce the spread of viruses in the workplace and ultimately get back to work in a safe and sanitary manner!

  • Decrease the spread of germs
  • Create a safer environment for your customers and employees
  • Show your staff you are taking measures for their safety
  • Peace of mind in the work environment

Slowing the spread of germs, one door at a time!

– Sanitary Pull –


How to install SanitaryPull on a metal door.


How to install SanitaryPull on a wooden door.



Help protect students from germs and viruses with SanitaryPull

Create a healthy and effective learning environment with this hands-free sanitary door opener. Install SanitaryPull to protect teachers and students from spreading germs and viruses. Refer a school

Healthcare Facilities

Protect medical personnel while they protect their patients

With SanitaryPull, you can help ensure a safe experience for patients, families, and staff. Keep making your community healthy by offering a hands-off option on every door. Refer a hospital


Keep your dining experience delicious

Whether they are dining in or taking a meal to-go, we will keep your customers healthy, while you keep them from going hungry. Give your staff and delivery partners an easy way to stay safe while they serve with SanitaryPull. Refer a restaurant 

Office Buildings

Keep your business in business with SanitaryPull

Help prevent sick days with SanitaryPull. Protect your employees and clients by providing a germ-free option on all office doors. Refer a company

Convenience Stores

Put your business on the safe side

SanitaryPull will give your customers an easy come, easy go option on every doorway and help keep your store clean. Refer a convenient store 

College & University

Help your students put their best foot forward

Make your campus a safe place to stay. With SanitaryPull, your professors and students can keep their heads in the books and their hands off regular door handles while reducing the spread of germs. Refer a college

Retail Stores

Hold down your business with SanitaryPull

Offer your customers an easy germ-free option while they support your business.  Install SanitaryPull on any exterior and interior doors to help keep your store clean and inviting. Refer a retail store 

Exterior & Interior Doors

Set Foot into Safety with SanitaryPull

Sanitary Pull was created so that we can join together and stop the spread of germs. That’s why SanitaryPull was created with lasting durability for indoor and outdoor environments and optimal leverage for doors of all sizes.


Only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after using the restroom. ref

Only 5% of people wash their hands thoroughly enough to kill all germs and bacteria. ref

Reduce the amount of paper towels being used solely for the purpose of opening doors. In a poll of 2000 people, 52% said they use paper towels to open bathroom doors. ref


“Great product that allows me to open up doors with great leverage. I really love the ease of use with the SanitaryPull!”
Jim from Dallas , Tx
“Love not having to come in contact with those nasty doors anymore! Customers seem to really like us taking the initiative to give them a clean environment.”
Matt from Lubbock, Tx
“Super easy to install! Looks great, great addition.”
Jonathan from Houston, Tx
“I use so many doors that desperately need the Sanitarypull! Most places have installed tissues by the door, but the tissues stick to your hands and then you can’t get them off to put them in the trash can. You end up touching more surfaces to get the tissues off.”
Judy from Boerne, Tx

Public responsibility directed towards hygiene and sanitation is needed now more than ever before.

– Sanitary Pull –