The hands-free sanitary door opener!

SanitaryPull, a hands-free sanitary door opener, is a product created by CBA Innovative Solutions L.L.C., which was founded by three Texas A&M student entrepreneurs; Austin Burt, Jorge Arroyo, and Jack Cooper. Austin and Jorge both study in the College of Agriculture, specifically focused on Renewable Energy and Natural Resources, while Jack studies in the College of Engineering specifically focused on Industrial Distribution.

As the concern for the Covid-19 pandemic began to steadily rise at the beginning of 2020, we started to notice numerous safety and health hazards that have become normal in public settings. Among the list of hazards that we compiled, it was obvious to us that door handles were one of the largest factors behind the spread of the virus.

The team noticed there were a few existing products that rendered aid to this issue but realized none offered a natural mechanism. We knew that with thorough testing, and expansive research towards human muscle behavior, we could create a design that’s not only unique but more user friendly.

We are currently developing other products that are related to the SanitaryPull, and we plan on continuing to render aid to public health and safety.