Installation Manual


Step 1: Place the Sanitarypull 1-2 inches up from the bottom of your door and no more than 1 inch from the handle side of your door.

Step 2: With the Sanitarypull placed at the desired location, make two indicators in the two holes with a pen or pencil on your door in order to have an adequate visual for screw mounting placement.

Step 3: Once marked, use a size 5/16 “ drill bit on your power tool and drill directly into the door where the holes have been marked.

Step 4: Now insert the female bolts through the pilot holes and mount the Sanitarypull at the bottom of the door by fastening the male screws.

Step 5: Feel free to place the door decal wherever you feel will give your customers and staff the clearest indication of use.

Step 6: Stay safe, and sanitary in your place of business!


How to install SanitaryPull on a metal door.


How to install SanitaryPull on a wooden door.